Creative Counterpoints: Women, Difference, and the Arts was a one-day interdisciplinary event that drew inspiration from a range of narratives by and about women artists, writers, educators, and scholars.

In Creative Counterpoints we examined how women’s creativity informs and is
inflected by the ways in which we navigate social and cultural spaces, the personal and the political spheres, our selves and others.

The “counterpoint” in the title refers to the many intersections and exchanges that constitute women’s identities and experiences, as well as the dynamics at play in the creative process. 

Creative Counterpoints was designed to include two sessions of conversations and presentations, a roundtable, and the exhibition Creative Counterpoints at the Arnheim Gallery, Massachussets College of Art. The exhibition, in view March 14-19 2016, featured a selection of artworks produced by the undergraduate and graduate students of the course Women’s Literature in Global Perspective, taught by Marika Preziuso in the spring and fall of 2015.

Organizer and moderator: Marika Preziuso,  Assistant Professor, Department of Liberal Arts, Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 

Creative Counterpoints was possible thanks to the generous support of: MassArt Foundation, Department of Liberal Arts, Department of Graphic Design, Department of Academic Affairs, Office of Civil Rights Compliance and Diversity, Center for Art and Community Partnership (CACP), the Community Exhibition Team (CEI), Graduate Programs Office, and Student Development.