Creative Counterpoints 2018 | Artists Translate Difference

Program - Full Program PDF, Artists Translate the Difference

Lecture Hall, MassArt Design Media Center


This year’s event is an evening of artist talks on the theme of translation across linguistic, cultural and mediatic forms, as it manifests in these artists’ lives and in their work. This program is intended as a space where recent alumni share with current students the ways in which experiences of foreignness and difference not only inform their creative practice but are also shaping their current career paths. Whether as freelance film directors, art educators, or ceramic artists, the alumni featured in Creative Counterpoints engage intentionally with their defining experience of difference in this country, and “translate” this experience in their professional and personal lives.



Mariana Yanes Cabral

(Art Education ‘17) is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and writer. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the eldest of three children in a multi-national household, the artist’s work explores nostalgia, introspection, race, and politics with both traditional and digital media. Their experience lies in drawing, portraiture, bookbinding, watercolour, digital collage, embroidery, and performance. Raised as a translator through necessity, they use translation as a medium to critique dogma.


Ryan Vazquez

(Film-Video ‘17) is a filmmaker and video artist born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Ryan documents events in New England and the Caribbean, and creates advertising and marketing videos for small businesses. Ryan is very interested in digital content that focuses on contemporary issues of social relevance, from practices of linguistic and cultural translation, to racial and ethnic identities as they interface with current and past politics in the Americas.

Gustavo wheelthrowing.jpg

Gustavo Barceloni

Gustavo Barceloni (Ceramics ’17) was born in Brazil and raised in Greater Boston. He collaborates with chefs and designs illustrative tableware for home and restaurant use. He also creates installations and community based projects, which explore the complexities of living within the Brazilian diaspora. Gustavo describes his illustrative work as “sophisticated classroom notebook doodles”, and strives to include in his work not just humorous style but also his politics, history, and humanity. He is currently completing the Accelerated Community to Teacher (ACTT) Program to teach in the Boston Public School system.